Rain no match for Bucketfest

Fri, August 5, 2016 - 11:00 am


FOR THE third straight year the rains threatened to put a damper on Brewster’s Road Crew Flow Bucketfest.

But just like last year, and the year before, the rain could not prevail because the close to 5 000 people at Belle Plantation, St Michael, would not have it.

The lines to enter the venue were long with enough people on the outside to start a fete on their own. Little did they know that just as many people were on the inside already enjoying a night of fun, food and frolic.

They stood faithfully in the pouring rain waiting patiently to enter. Some whipped out umbrellas while others could care less about being drenched from head to toe.

There were buckets filled with alcohol, soda, juice, ice and water. Mud was everywhere but that did not matter as they danced and pranced to DJ music and live acts alike.

Krosfyah was the band to perform. They hit the stage just before midnight and took the massive on a close to an hour-long musical journey.

The band, led by Sweet Soca king Edwin Yearwood, sang hit after hit after hit. And true to form the group brought heat to the fete on a damp and cold night. So much so that when their set had ended people were still screaming and shouting for more by calling the names of songs they hadn’t sung.

The group left a tough act to follow when Kes The Band out of Trinidad took the stage. Thankfully Kerwin Du Bois did well to pick back up the pace and to restart the blazing fire that krosfyah had lit earlier.

In between live acts DJ Peter Coppin was in fine form too. Local acts including Hypasounds, Leadpipe & SaddisStiffy and others also performed. That segment saw them singing their 2016 hit songs much to the crowd’s delight.

There was one major hitch for the night that caused the police to shut off the music until it was rectified.

Patrons had parked along the side of the road forcing it to become a one-way road. They had also blocked in residents from the area. Close by was another event, Lifted, so the entire area was congested with traffic.

The organisers, with the help of DJ Peter Coppin, worked tirelessly to get those who had parked on the road to move their vehicles. People complied and sometime after the party was in full swing again.

It was just after 5 a.m. when the six-hour fete came to an end. (TTY)



No rain could stop Flow Bucketfest. (Pictures by Nigel Browne.)

This man's empty bucket had to be refilled.

Kes The Band had a hard act to follow after krosfyah’s set.

krosfyah brought the heat on a night wet, damp, cold night.

Buckets full of liquor were the order of the night.

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Rain no match for BucketfestRain no match for BucketfestRain no match for BucketfestRain no match for BucketfestRain no match for Bucketfest