Pon Me Video

Fri, August 12, 2016 - 3:30 pm


BRIDGETOWN WAS A bit heavier than it usually was last Sunday afternoon.

That’s because Seth “Xcel” Bovell took to the streets to film a music video for his song Pon Me.

He and a crew from Scenes Entourage, Diversity Dance Group, Ish Nation and Access Granted briefly took over Victoria Street, Independence Square and The Main Guard as they filmed.

He promised that the video would include some dancing but nothing scandalous: “I decided to do a music video for this video since it was getting a lot of traction. There will be dancing but nothing lewd because I like to lead the youth in a positive direction.

“I just want to stay true to how clean my brand is and stay true to me basically,” he said. (TSG)


From left: Xcel, dancer Elizabeth Brydon, camera man Andre Leacock and Nadia Phillips during the filming of Pon Me on Victoria Street yesterday.  (Picture by Nigel Browne)

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Pon Me Video