One more Scrawl Up to go

Fri, August 12, 2016 - 3:00 pm


CHARITY BEGINS at home and last week Friday, Scrawl Up put on their tenth fete for the just concluded Crop Over season in the form of a fundraiser for charity.

One of the faces of the group Fabian Todd, told WEEKEND BUZZ that since their inception in May 2009, the group, which origianlly hailed from Westbury Road, was about giving back.

“Every year we donate part proceeds to a charity. This year it is The League of Friends of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Inc. While the crowds have gotten progrssiveley larger since we put on our first fete in June, we relaised that they are spending less. That does not negate however that we wouldn’t do a charity this year.”

The group has held 10 fetes for the season with themes varying from Illuminate, Graffiti, Groovy Soca, Waist Water to their last fete tomorrow – the Thank You Fete.

“We are grateful for the patrons we come out each week. They have good, clean fun and they tell their friends who tell their friends so each week Scrawl Up has that party vibe.”

And the party vibe was evident as patrons wukked up, bent down and rolled their waistlines to soca music. (NS)


These friends were out to have a good time. (Pictures by Christoff Griffith.)

From left, bashment soca was part of the entertainment with Marzville, Coopa Dan and Scrilla who performed for the Scrawl Up crowd.

The large crowd at Scrawl up Charity fete last week.

Stabby De Guard was one of the artistes who graced the stage.

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One more Scrawl Up to goOne more Scrawl Up to goOne more Scrawl Up to goOne more Scrawl Up to go