NCF told to ‘revamp Foreday Morning concept’

There is room for both Foreday Morning and Caesar’s Army, says Jules Sobion. (FILE)
Fri, August 12, 2016 - 4:00 pm


THE NATIONAL CULTURAL FOUNDATION (NCF) needs to revamp the Foreday Morning Jam concept.

According to spokesman of Caesar’s Army Jules Sobion, the route may need to be updated. 

“They (the NCF) don’t understand that Foreday Morning needs to evolve and so when you have the same routes for the last 15 years, it needs to expand,” he said.

He was speaking to the WEEKEND BUZZ during their A.M Bush Carnival which was held at Vaucluse, St Thomas on July 30.

The event occurred within a similar time slot as the Foreday Morning and saw an army of thousands fete with power, paint and water around the track.

Despite the conflicting times of the two events, Sovion said there was enough room for all events.

“[Today] is Foreday morning . . . . It [Caesar’s Army] does not take anything away from Crop Over,” he added.

Since the Caesar’s Army brand was brought to Barbados in 2014, he said it has continued to grow.

This year however they landed in some hot water, with some patrons complaining on social media that the company’s customer service was poor.

There were also come complaints from people who were unable to secure costume packages.

“I would just say that this year distribution was amazing. I think most people were in and out [of the band house at Courtyard by Marriott] in less than 20 minutes.

“The people that had problems literally came on the last day at 6 o’clock when we closed off. At that point I could understand that, but when we opened distribution on Tuesday there were no problems.”


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NCF told to ‘revamp Foreday Morning concept’