Mixed Views on Foreday Change

FOREDAY MORNING jump-up may be moving from its traditional early Friday morning staging to the last Saturday of the Crop Over Festival, according to the calendar of events released by the National Cultural Foundation.

​President of the Barbados Association of Masqueraders Chetwin Stewart told the DAILY NATION he was in favour of the event having its own night, but not the move to Saturday, since it was “going to destroy every Saturday night event that people have taken time to grow”.

Stewart said no one could compete with the Foreday Morning Jam, calling it a “monster”. He said it would be easier to move the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals.

Online readers were asked to weigh in on this issue and there was mixed reaction.

Here are their views on the matter:

Ville Sher: [It] doesn’t matter. The advantage is that it can start at 12:30 – 1 a.m. since you won’t have to wait on the finals to finish.

Dominna Queeny Gaskin: The Saturday night for sure … I could wuk up longer; more people would get a chance to come out; coming through town in the morning no one would be looking so pitiful cause they didn’t get to jump and nobody would be shunning me in the van going home cause we’re musty.

Charles Vanvieldt: I don’t care! It could be Sunday; once they have a Foreday.

Chris Griffith: It shouldn’t be the Saturday night because there are a lot of fetes happening on that night. Putting Foreday on that night, either most of the fetes or Foreday itself will flop.

Christopher Hill: Friday for sure.

Dave D. Thompson: In my opinion Friday night had the right atmosphere starting right after the Finals plus revellers would get to rest before Kadooment.

Jamel Layne: I’m more interested in what could have possibly been the logical explanation for this change. They continue to make changes to the festival that clearly aren’t necessary. When will the powers that be stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken and address the areas that clearly are in need of restructuring?

Ashley Still: It probably would benefit families who usually go to Bridgetown Market on a Saturday. However, it would mess up sleep schedules for those who are jumping Kadooment on the Monday and have to be up early in the morning depending on when their band leaves Warrens.

Threefoot Threefoot: Jouvert (Foreday Morning) should always be the morning after calypso finals. (SAT)


*Article published March 28, 2014