Jab Jab kinda joy

Fri, August 5, 2016 - 12:00 pm

A GOOD TIME was had by all.

That was the general feeling among those who attended Jabnival last Thursday night at Daiquiri Beach, Pirates Cove, St Michael.

Party animals were covered in black paint from head to toe – a substitute for oil? – to give the Jab Jab look.

Jab Jab or Devil Mas is a fete where people emerge from the darkness of the night to parade freely usually covered in oil, molasses or any black substance.

The DJ kept the vibe by playing all of the 2016 Crop Over hits. The bar was solid and there was enough space for revellers to party freely.

One of the organisers of the Oneisland Barbados event Dionne McClean said they wanted to bring a different experience to the people.

“We wanted to do something different so I decided to try the jab theme taking a taste out of Grenada’s book. However, we are not using oil we are using water-based black paint to have that jab feel but nobody can do it like Grenada does.”

She said she was pleased by the turnout and how things went throughout the night.

“I am happy with the turnout as long as people are having a good time. That is all I care about.”

Jabnival is a spin-off of their main event Canboulay. McClean told WEEKEND BUZZ they were willing and excited to stage any event that brought people together.

“We believe music brings unity. Our satisfaction comes when people message or tell us they had an awesome time at our event,” she said.

But although their events are a huge hit with patrons, the organisers have had a tough time getting corporate Barbados on board.

“People don’t support us. Banks [Holdings Limited] was with us from the beginning. Cockspur joined this year. I have to thank them but it has been a real struggle,” she said.

The majority of Jabnival patrons came from overseas since the brand was built overseas.

“Tonight we have 80 per cent tourists and 20 per cent locals. Guadeloupe brought the majority of tickets. We also have people from New York, London and the Virgin islands. We usually get people from all over the world.”

The promoter credits their social media presence and staying connected as the reason why they get such a resounding response from the public.

“We built a connection with our fans through Facebook. If a person has a birthday we shout them out. We talk to our people outside of when we have an event. We respond to every email, WhatsApp, tweet and message. We are very connected,” she said. (TTY/CG)


Jabnival massive was full of energy and danced the night away. (Pictures by Christoff Griffith)

Blame it on the music!

Seth Xcel Bovell and his girlfriend Nadia Phillips at Jabnival.

It was oil and mas.

It was fun galore at Jabnival.

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Jab Jab kinda joyJab Jab kinda joyJab Jab kinda joyJab Jab kinda joyJab Jab kinda joy