Crop Over Las’ Lap Highs and Lows

By Carol Martindale

This can be considered the last lap of Crop Over 2012.

The sweetest summer festival will heat up before it winds down on August 6 with Grand Kadooment.

This week we can expect a flood of fetes and limes as well as the crowning of a new king or queen of calypso on Friday night.

Foreday Morning is also one of the eagerly awaited events with a record of 38 bands expected to hit the road right after Pic-O-De-Crop Finals night.

Leading into this week of activities, we also celebrated the big wins of two people whose names have become synonymous with the festival, albeit in different areas.

We extend hearty congratulations to Gwyneth Squires who came out tops with her kiddies band Fruits Ah Plenty last Saturday. What a colourful, creative display of costumes and the little ones did them justice.

All the kiddies who participated in Junior Kadooment were equally impressive as they paraded through the National Stadium.

Kudos to the designers as well who brought all their creativity to the fore. The costumes were well thought out and depicted things Bajan.

Then the following day, Mikey Mercer pulled a double win at the Soca Royale  at Bushy Park, St Philip.

Mikey won both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions, beating out a field of competitors all of whom pulled out all the stops with their impressive and ambitious presentations on stage.

The National Cultural Foundation should be happy with the massive turn out at this event which had no reports of serious incidents.

However, the one action that marred the event was Lil Rick’s behavior at the end of the show when the results were announced.

Unfortunately it was a repeat of last year which led to him being berated by the public.

Once again, Lil Rick, who placed second in both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions, walked off the stage shortly after his position was announced in the latter event.

Lil Rick, also known as Mr Crop Over, was definitely a crowd favourite at Bushy Park singing the popular Ah Like Muhself and Drop It.  He had the crowd of soca lovers in the palm of his hands, especially during the first song. People were singing along with him,  belting out the lyrics.

Some wrote on the Nation’s Facebook page that Lil Rick was a winner on Sunday and were disappointed that his performances did not merit him first place in at least one of the competitions.

Lil Rick obviously felt that way too, but to be ungracious at the end of the night when the judges delivered the results, was disappointing, and unwarranted.

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog on the fact that “everyone likes a winner, but no one likes a sore loser” so I won’t address that again. Sufficed to say that coming on the heels of last year, we had hoped that this entertainer would have learned from past mistakes and experiences and not repeat this lapse in judgement.

Lil Rick, is not a newcomer to competition and we therefore expect better from him. After all, he sometimes refers to himself as Mr Crop Over. Enough said.

So, as well all look forward to this last week of Crop Over activities, let’s all enjoy the merriment of the season, and be safe.

Happy Crop Over to All.

Carol Martindale is the Nation’s Online Editor.