Competition shines spotlight on music

Rudy Maloney of 4D Entertainment. (FILE)
Sat, August 13, 2016 - 11:00 am


THIS YEAR’s inaugural Bashment Soca Competition gave this type of music pride of place in Crop Over.

So said director of 4D Entertainment and organiser of the event, Rudy Maloney.

He said while bashment soca had been around for some time, it was the competition on July 1 that brought it to the fore.

“There was a greater awareness of this type of music,” he said, highlighting the music of Li’l Rick and Peter Ram produced back in the day.

“Bashment played a big part in the festival,” said Maloney.

In giving the background to the competition, he likened it to a game of cricket.

“When you have Pic-O-De-Crop, it is like Test cricket; Soca Royale is like one-day cricket and the Bashment Soca Competition is like 20/20,” he said, noting that they came together and came up with the concept for the competition.

Maloney said that based on the feedback to this type of music, while it was widely accepted among the younger generation, some of the older people were giving it some “pushback”.

He said while some of the lyrics to some songs were raw, the criteria and rules to be followed helped to control that issue.

Maloney said 87 people had originally entered the competition and they were whittled down to 12 semi-finalists and then eight finalists.

In the end Stiffy was declared the winner.

Maloney believed strongly that bashment soca lends to the festival.

“It gives us something else to party to which also results in the festival being more successful. Music is universal and as we grow and things change, some people will accept it and some will not,” he added. (CM)


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Competition shines spotlight on music