1 200 soca invaders at Frazzled

Thu, August 11, 2016 - 12:00 pm


WHILE MANY BRAVED the inclement weather to attend the MQI/Mount Gay Pic-O-De-Crop Finals at Kensington Oval on July 30, hundreds opted for one of the many last-lap fetes of this year’s Crop Over season.

It was a show of Caribbean unity and togetherness as nationals across the region partied at Frazzled: Soca Invasion at Bellevue Great House, St Michael.  

The event, in its seventh edition, in keeping with the 50th anniversary of Independence concept, provided patrons with commemorative Frazzled cups and wristbands upon entry, with some even sporting Frazzled T-shirts.

Patrons were sent into a frenzy when Bashment Soca king Stiffy graced the stage and instructed them to “tek off something and pelt it way”. They were equally as receptive when Mikey, “the soca CEO”, graced the stage.

Another big hit at the fete were the unusual rum-cones – a version of the popular Bajan sno-cone with either a shot of Mount Gay Silver or Black Barrel added.

Sean Sargeant, promoter for Showtime Events, said the crowd was not as big as he had expected it to be but he chalked it up to the inclement weather affecting the island, as well as the other popular events happening at the same time.

“This year was probably a little lighter than in recent years. We had roughly 1 200 people here tonight. There are quite a number of events going on right now, but to be able to pull the crowd we have with all the other events going on and with the weather is a plus for us,” he said.

Adding that not many people could afford the heavily priced all-inclusive events throughout the Crop Over season, Sargeant said his franchise tried to provide “a good old-fashioned throw-down”.

“There are still plenty folks who like to put on some casual clothes, come down, have some drinks and party. At the end of the day it’s about giving people something to thoroughly enjoy so the next year leaves them wanting more and more,” he said.

And enjoy themselves they did, as patrons partied until the deejay stopped play at 1 a.m. (RA)



Bashment Soca King Stiffy instructing the crowd to “tek off something and pelt it way”.

A party-goer enjoying herself while Stiffy gave his trademark instructions.

Soca CEO Mikey at Frazzled: Soca Invasion.

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1 200 soca invaders at Frazzled1 200 soca invaders at Frazzled1 200 soca invaders at Frazzled