RANTS AND RAVES: Crop Over not exclusive

by Carol Martindale

Yes folks, I am ranting and raving again this week about the parties going on for the Crop Over season.

The festival is in full swing, now shifting into another gear with a crush of fetes that will be held this week.

There will be the expected mix of parties including those that are all-inclusive in nature.

While their concept is not new to Barbados, these type of parties are becoming more of the norm nowadays especially at Crop Over time.

The fetes can start from $100 and can go as high as $300.

RANTS AND RAVES: Support Crop Over promoters

by Carol Martindale

Around Crop Over time, I can be somewhat of a party animal.

But so far for the festival, I have been tame.

I first wondered if it was because of the pressures of my job and the late hours working on the Nation’s weekend publications when most parties are held, or if it was a simple case of me getting on in age.

After some sober reflection I realised that neither of these reasons was the case, albeit, they could play a part in tempering my exuberance in thinking that I can still burn the candle at both ends.

RANTS AND RAVES: Cheers to the NCF


Kudos to the National Cultural Foundation (NCF)!

How easy it is for many of us to criticise and condemn some statutory corporations when they do wrong or fail to stand up to their moral obligations and responsibilities to the country and its people.

But in the interest of fairness, let’s also praise them when they do get things right.

Mixed Views on Foreday Change

FOREDAY MORNING jump-up may be moving from its traditional early Friday morning staging to the last Saturday of the Crop Over Festival, according to the calendar of events released by the National Cultural Foundation.

​President of the Barbados Association of Masqueraders Chetwin Stewart told the DAILY NATION he was in favour of the event having its own night, but not the move to Saturday, since it was “going to destroy every Saturday night event that people have taken time to grow”.

Crop Over Las’ Lap Highs and Lows

By Carol Martindale

This can be considered the last lap of Crop Over 2012.

The sweetest summer festival will heat up before it winds down on August 6 with Grand Kadooment.

This week we can expect a flood of fetes and limes as well as the crowning of a new king or queen of calypso on Friday night.

Foreday Morning is also one of the eagerly awaited events with a record of 38 bands expected to hit the road right after Pic-O-De-Crop Finals night.